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Jaywalking in dubai

Jaywalker in Dubai could soon face much tougher fines as the Emirate’s senior traffic cop looks at ways to reduce the number of pedestrian fatalities, UAE daily The National reported on Monday.
The police traffic department is considering enforcing the higher fines for people who constantly cross roads in unauthorized areas.

“Here we have a wide range of nationalities and a varied mentality and education when it comes to roads and traffic rules, and on top of that we have some reckless drivers. So we must regulate to cover all safety aspects,” said Maj Gen Mohammed Said Al Zaffien, head of Dubai traffic police.

Currently the offence carries a 200 AED ($54.45) fine, but Maj Gen Al Zaffien said that with 1,900 fined in the first month of this year, it is necessary to clampdown on the problem.

And he said the amount people are fined should increase according to the amount of times they reoffend.

With 41 pedestrian deaths in 2011 and 40 in 2010, this is the single biggest cause of fatalities Dubai’s road, the report added.

And he told the newspaper that extra signage and road safety information would have to also be increased to help reduce the problem.

source: Yahoo! Maktoob – Mon, Aug 27, 2012